Wizard Triggers is a Simutronics Wizard addon used to detect incoming messages within the wizard and act upon them. To enhance the use of these triggers the program accepts many commands for both the triggers and the events. You can find this list below.

Please send any questions about the software to Knarf@WizTrigger.com or use the submissions form within the applications help menu.

- Download Now - (Current Version: 0.7.4)

The WizTrigger project is no longer being worked on. To generate a registration code you will need the following application: Register

Care for the source? The VB6 code is available

   If X is in the incoming line the trigger will not go off
   Ex: Jump !NOT{High}
   Wont go: You Jump High
   Will go: You Jump Low

   Will require both words to be in the incoming line
   You may use ! to declare a NOT statement before each word.
   Ex: !AND{Cat|Dog}
   Ex: !AND{Cat|!DOG}

   Will require either words to be in the incoming line
   You may use ! to declare a NOT statement before each word.
   Ex: !OR{Cat|Dog}
   Ex: !OR{Cat|!DOG}

   Will require an exact match of X to the incoming line. The match is not case sensitive.
   Ex: !EXACT{You Smile.}

   Trigger a room description using its ID number generated from the room ID addon.
   Ex: !ID{412}

   Add a tag for later enabling\disabling via events
   Ex: !TAG{Hide}

   Execute events when the profile is started. (Hitting Enable or being switched to)
   Ex: !START{}

   Execute the trigger using the minutes in the system time.
   Ex: !TIMER{30|45|50} (The trigger will go off when the system clock hits 30, 45 or 50)

Check below for !PUT{} and !LOG{}

You can use a combination of both of these as many times as you like within a trigger
Ex: Cow !NOT{Brown|Blue} !AND{Big|Green|Smile}


    X is the X word in the incoming line.
    Ex: You are hit by a sword. !WD{2} is are

    Save the word number Y in the incoming line into spot X of the array.
    You may then use !PUT{X} to send the saved word back into the events or triggers.
    Ex: !GET{0|2} (This gets the second word and saves it into location 0)
    Ex: !PUT{0} (This puts the stored word from location 0 back into your event or trigger)

    Return the first direction in the data (North, South, East, West ...)
    Ex: !DIR{}

    X is the file name of the sound file to play.
    Will support any file types supported by windows media player including WAV, MP3, and AVI
    Ex: !PLAY{C:\Sounds\Sounds.wav}

    X is the file name of the application you would like to run.
    Ex: !RUN{C:\WinNT\System32\Calc.exe}

    End the currently running wizard script. No parameters are needed.
    Ex: !ENDSCRIPT{}

    X is the number of seconds to wait before sending in the event.
    WizHunter also supports this command. (Slice;!WAIT{7};Slice)
    Ex: Fire !WAIT{5} (5 seconds will pass before "Fire" is sent to the wizard.)

    Write the execution of a trigger or event to a log.
    Ex: !LOG{}

    Randomly select one of a group of events. Separate the events by |
    Ex: !RAND{Smile|Laugh|forage;put !WD{5} in my back}

    X is the profile you would like to switch to.
    If Y is set to 1 then the profile will save before switching.
    EX: !SWITCH{Default|1}

    Delay sending given outputs separate by |. Control the delay timer in options.
    EX: !DELAY{Load bow|Aim hog|Fire|search hog|get coin;smile}

    Stop sending outputs until X is in the income. Message.
    Ex: !WF{find nothing.}

    Clear all events stored in the queue.
    Ex: !CLEAR{}

    Pause/Resume the wizards script
    Ex: !SP{}

    Enter Rest mode. Ctrl + R must be set to {rest}
    Ex: !REST{}

    Call Function X using variables Y and Z. You may use an unlimited number of variables.
    Ex: !CALL{Skin|wolf}

    Write data Z to a file named X. File will be placed in the applications directory.
    Set Y to 1 to append to the file, anything else will overwrite it.
    Ex: !WRITE{Revenge.txt|1|!WD{1} has advanced on you}

    Set word Y into position X of the array
    Ex: !SET{0|Hello}

    Returns the number of times X is within the income. Data
    Ex: !COUNT{Pelt}

    Do Y X times.
    Ex: !DO{5|get pelt;put pelt in pack}

    Returns 1 if true and 0 if false for the equivalency between X and Y
    5 > 2 is True .... 5 < 2 is False
    If one or both of the items are not numeric false is returned.
    Ex: !EQUIVALENT{4<!WD{1}}

    Returns 1 if X is a number, 0 if not.
    Ex: !ISNUMERIC{!WD{1}}

    Supports almost any mathimatical equasion.
    Ex: !MATH{5+10-((6/3)+1)}

    Get the current Time.
    Ex: !TIME{}

    Get the current Date.
    Ex: !DATE{}

    Enable\Disable Trigger tagged X.
    0 is enabled
    1 is disabled
    Ex: !TAG{Hide|1}

    Send X to the wizard right away.
    Ex: !NOW{Quit}

    Disable WizTrigger.
    Ex: !DISABLE{}

    Close the wizard at a given time.
    Ex: !CWIZ{7:30am}

    Toggle automatic roundtime processing. 1 = on, 0 = off
    Ex: !RT{1} (Enable automatic roundtime processing)

    Grab X words after the first instance of Y
    Ex: !WDR{3|X words} (Would return "after the first" if used on the above line)

    Grab X words before the first instance of Y
    Ex: !WDL{3|of Y} (Would return "the first instance" if used on the above line)

    Change variable X to Y. Variables are listed in the variables section of Options.
    To use this properly please remove the % from the variable.
    Ex: !CHANGE{weapon|sword} (Change the %weapon variable to sword)

    Removes garbage characters from data.
    These characters include . , ? ! " and '
    Ex: !CLEAN{This, is. a test!} (Would return This is a test)

    Grab the words between X and Y in the income. Data
    Use ! to stop the search word from being part of your result
    Use # followed by a number to grab a word number
    Ex: !STRING{!Cat|Dog} (Grab the words between cat and dog. Exclude Cat from results)
    Ex: !STRING{!Cat|!Dog} (Grab the words between cat and dog. Exclude Cat and Dog from results)
    Ex: !STRING{Cat|!#4} (Grab the words between Cat and the 4th word. Exclude the 4th word from the results)

    If the next income. Message contains X do the event Y.
    X may include multiple statements separate by ;
    If the first letter in X is a &, all items must be true to execute the event.
    You may use ! to declare a NOT statement before each word.
    Ex: !NEXT{Large Tree|Smile} (If Large Tree is within the next line send Smile)
    Ex: !NEXT{Large;Tree|Smile} (If Large OR Tree are within the next line send Smile)
    Ex: !NEXT{&Large;Tree|Smile} (If Large AND Tree are within the next line send Smile)
    Ex: !NEXT{Large;!Tree|Smile} (If Large is in the next line OR tree is NOT in the next line send Smile)

    If Y is within X then execute Z.
    If X is set to # it will be replaced by the current incoming data
    Ex: !IF{#|Large Tree|Smile} (If Large Tree is within the income. Data send Smile)
    Ex: !IF{#|Large;Tree|Smile} (If Large OR Tree are within the income. Data send Smile)
    Ex: !IF{Tree|&Large;!WD{1}|Smile} (If Large AND Tree are within Tree send Smile)
    Ex: !IF{Tree|Large;!Tree|Smile} (If Large OR NOT tree are within Tree send Smile)

Functions allow you to reuse coding through multiple profiles.

Variables will be replaced by %X, X being the number in variable order
    Ex: !CALL{Skin|wolf} Function Skin will be called and if %1 exists within Function Skin, it will be replaced by wolf.

To Add/Delete a function Right click on the Listbox on the left hand side of the function window.
ShortCut Keys
CTRL+A : Open the add trigger window
CTRL+E : Edit the currently selected trigger
CTRL+P : Open the Profiles window
CTRL+O : Open the Options window
CTRL+F : Open the Functions window
CTRL+D : Enable\Disable a single trigger.
ALT+CTRL+T : Enable\Disable triggers. May be used from any window
Scan Depth: The maximum length of the incoming line.
Default is 1025 characters

Send Interval: The speed at which messages are sent to the wizard in millisecond. (1000ms = 1 Second)
Default is 500 millisecond.

Sep. Character: The character is used to separate lines within events Ex. !RAND{Look;Smile|Grin}
Default is ;

PFL Separator: The string used to separate sections within the profile files.
Default is ~~/.~~

Default Profile: The profile which loads when the application starts.
Default is Default

Top Most: Keep the application on top of other applications
Default is false

Wait for RT: Tell the application to wait for the round time to finish before sending the next command.
Default is true.

Universal Profile: This profile will always be active no matter which profiles is currently loaded.
Default is None.

Log File Name: Filename of where data from !LOG{} is sent.
Default is WizTrigger.log.

Delay: Milliseconds between sends to the wizard when using !DELAY{}. (1000ms = 1 Second)
Default is 2000.

Save Get: Save the data received by !GET{} or entered using the Get Edit window for later use.
Default is false.

Minimize to system tray: Minimize the application to the system tray.
Default is false.

Enable Alt+Ctrl+T: Enable global hot key to enable\disable Triggers
Default is true.

Disable Wizard Search: Prevent the "Wizard Lost" search.
Default is false.

Start Enabled: Enables triggers when the application starts.
Default is false.

Filters: Add words to prevent the line containing them from hitting the triggers.
         Right click on the list to remove items or clear the list.

Field Options: Change the color, font and font size of coding.

Variables: Configure variables such as %shield