This calculator was originally created and hosted by Veii's Veranda. However, do to the website being taken down I decided to restore it from archive so we can continue to enjoy its functionality.

Just enter your stats to determine which figure you are best suited to practice folding!

Special Thanks to Apu for his calculations and his permission for me to use his information.

Mech. Lore
*Totals numbers are compared to the AOS (Apu Origami Scale).
Reading the Results
The best figure for you is one where you can fold the first fold (STUDY PATTERN) and one you can complete (FOLD PAPER) the figure.
Learning from Origami
Intelligence and Scholarship determines the success of your first fold; Agility and Mechanical Lore determines the success of your subsequent folds.

Therefore, successfully doing either will teach their respective skill - completing the first fold will teach scholarship, completing the subsequent folds will teach mechanical lore.
Getting Supplies
The cities that currently have Origami Shops are Leth Deriel, Aesry, Ratha, and Mer'Kresh. Check out Ranik's maps for more info.